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The FITEL ID-H/R V3 is an advanced and compact tool to identify the optical signals passing through the fibre.

The version 3 unit offers enhanced fibre detection to facilitate working in brightly lit environments. Improved display functionality to show the communication light intensity in the optical fibre. The unit is also now compatible will all G657 A2 Fibers.


Applicable fibre Up to SM 12-fibre ribbon SM 250 m single fibre Up to 3 mm Cordage (built-in only SM 250 m single fibre) SM 900 m tight buffer (PVC)
Applicable Wavelength 900 ~ 1700 nm
Frequency for Tone Signal 270 Hz and 1 kHz and 2 kHz (Duty ratio 5010%) Modulation Light
No Modulation Light
Communication Light that Continued
Measurement Range of Optical Power 0 ~ -80 dBm
Maximum Level of
Insertion Loss
1310 nm 0.1 dB 0.5 dB
1550 nm 0.1 dB 0.5 dB
1650 nm 0.1 dB 0.5 dB
Average Minimum
Detection Level*1
1310 nm -40 dB -30 dB
1550 nm -50 dB -40 dB
1650 nm
Indication for Traffic Signal or Tone Signal [ Traffic Signal*2 ]
Direction LED illuminates + Intermittent buzzer sound + Displayed an Optical power measurement range by LCD
[ Tone Signal ]
Direction LED illuminates + Tone LED illuminates + Continuous buzzer sound + Displayed
an Optical power measurement range by LCD + Displayed Frequency by LCD
Operating Time 8 hours (Using alkaline battery)
Dimensions 40 W 65 D 153 H mm
Weight 160 g (Including battery)

*1 - This specification is based on our optical fibre with our test method

*2 - DO NOT disconnect or rewire based only on the traffic signal detection. Make sure to launch the tone signal before disconnecting or rewiring the fibre.