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S183PMII has been designed so that the user simply loads the fibre and closes the lid to begin the splice process. There is no need to lower or set fibre clamps before beginning your splice. S183PMII automatically performs a tensile proof test on the fibre and releases the holder lid to avoid twisting the fibre after the splice. This automation eliminates the need for the user to manually open and reset the splicer after each fusion splice


Applicable Fibers SM, MM, DSF, NZD, EDF, PMF, LDF, PCF, HighΔ
Cladding Diameter 80 to 500 m
Coating Diameter 160 to 2000 m
Fibers Cleave Length 3 to 5 mm with coating clamping
9 to 11 mm with bare fibre clamping
Sweep Length 1.9 mm
Typical Insertion Loss (Similar fibre Splicing) 0.02 dB for identical SM/0.01 dB for identical MM
0.04 dB for identical DSF/0.05 dB for identical PMF
Typical Insertion Loss (Dissimilar fibre Splicing) 0.15 dB (SMF to DSF)
0.25 dB (SMF to HI980 fibre)
Extinction Ration (Cross Talk) (Similar fibre Splicing) -40 dB (0.6 degree) (PANDA fibre)
-32 dB (1.4 degree) (BOW-TIE fibre)
Extinction Ration (Cross Talk) (Dissimilar fibre Splicing) -30 dB (1.8 degree) (PANDA fibre to BOW-TIE fibre)
Return Loss >60dB
Splice Time 15 seconds for identical SM Fibers
35 seconds for identical PM Fibers (cladding clamping)
55 seconds for identical PM Fibers (coating clamping)
Heating Time 51 seconds for 60 mm sleeves
40 seconds for 40 mm sleeves
Manual Splicing Mode Gap setting
Manual alignment (X, Y, Θ)
Support Tool for Manual splicing
Auto Splicing Mode SM-MM-DSF automatic recognition
Splicing dissimilar fibre
PANDA fibre Auto
Splice Programs 70 Default/150 Available
Heating Programs 10 Default/12 Available
Sleeve 20, 40, 60 mm
Tensile Strength Typical 300 kpsi (25N) with High strength splice (125m cladding fibre)
Magnification 215x & 430x
Splice Memory Maximum 2000 splices
Size 350W 197D 154H mm
Weight 8.5 kg
Monitor 6.5'' colour LCD monitor
Video Output Analog RGB
Data Output USB ver.1.1 end Ethernet
Operating Temperature 0 to +40C (without excessive humidity)
Storage Temperature -40 to +60C (without excessive humidity)
Power Source AC 100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz, AC Adaptor)
  • Fibre Holders

  • We have a range of fibre holders that can be equipped with the NJ001 to handle most of your splicing needs.

  • CTX-02

  • A cooling tray built especially for the NJ001; it is a useful tool for placing hot fibre straight out of the heating chamber to a provide a smooth and uninterrupted splicing experience.