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Fitel technical support network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

At Furukawa, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent technical support, not only directly but also through a network of distributors who are experts on Fitel fusion splicers. Many of our distributors in Europe and the Middle East have their own repair centres, which provide technical support and carry out repair and servicing on our machines. All authorised repair engineers are fully trained on maintenance of our splicers and cleavers in our training centre in the UK.

Should you require advice on how to use your Fitel splicer, or if your machine does not give you entire satisfaction, please contact your local Fitel distributor. Please refer to the "Service Centres" section to find your nearest distributor.

The technical team in London, UK

In our UK repair and training centre, a team of skilled engineers is responsible for servicing and repairing FITEL fusion splicers, cleavers and related equipment. We have a wide range of spare parts available at all times, enabling us to offer quality repairs and services/servicing, with a quick turnaround time, and at competitive prices.

As well as servicing FITEL equipment, the UK technical team is dedicated to providing the highest quality technical support to our distributors' sales and technical staff, as well as our UK customers. But we are also happy to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers all over the EMEA.

To contact our team of UK engineers, please click here.

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Splicer Data Explorer (SDE) is a support application for Fitel fusion splicers.

You can perform updates to your fusion splicer through the application after having them downloaded from our download section. SDE can also perform a software check to ensure you have the latest version installed on your fusion splicer.

SDE will mimic your fusion splicer screen and work in tandem allowing you to use your splicer through the application. You will be able to edit characters and image capture on your PC.

The application will automatically check saved splicer information which you can export and save on to your PC


Supports fusion splicer series S123, S153, S178 and NJ001

*Please note that the SDE will not work on any other series of splicer than those mentioned above.


Supports fusion splicer series S179

*Please note that the SDE will not work on any other series of splicer than those mentioned above.

For all of the functions to be available on the Splicer Data Explorer, please ensure that your fusion splicer software version is either the required version (see below) or higher.

The "Update Software" function on SDE will be available for all fusion splicer software versions.

Minimum Fusion Splicer Software Version

Fusion Splicer Software Version
S178 A04
S153 A04
S123C/M4 A05
S123M8/M12 A03
NJ001 A01

Minimum PC Requirements

CPU INTEL Pentium4R 2.0 GHz class system
MEMORY 256 MB (512 MB recommended
OS Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8
Windows 10
USD Port USB 2.0
Other Direct X: 9.0d (and above)
.NET framework: 3.5 SP1
Microsoft Excel : 2000 (or above)


Supports fusion splicer series S123, S153, S178 and NJ001

Title Version Size Date
Splicer Data Explorer 1.3.3 0.6 MB 25/03/2015
User's Manual Rev.3 1.0 MB 24/06/2013
USB Drivers Rev.3 3.8 MB 24/06/2016
All Files Packed --- 5.0 MB 25/03/2015


Supports fusion splicer series S179. Download link coming soon

Updating your Fusion Splicer

*Please note that the arc counter will reset to zero and you will lose all customised programmes and splice data when you upgrade the software version.

1) Turn on you fusion splicer and connect it to your PC using a USB cable.

2) Click the "Update" tab in the top right corner of the window.

3) Click the "Software Update" button.

Please note if you are running a previous unsupported fusion splicer software version, only the "Update" button will work on SDE.

4) Please make a note of the serial number of your fusion splicer and input it as a 5 digit number.

Example: a serial number reading "1234" would be typed as "01234".

5) If your PC is connected to the internet, SDE will display the latest software version available for your fusion splicer.

6) Click the "Start" button after selecting the software version you would like to update to.

7) Once SDE has prompted you that the update has been completed, please restart your fusion splicer.

8) The arc power will reset to default value, please make sure to perform an arc check before use.

The UK training centre gives extensive maintenance training to official Furukawa repair centres.

We are also happy to organise user trainings for our UK customers, upon request. Please contact us here. with your requirements.

About our service center and the team

To find your nearest service center please locate the closest yellow pin to your localtion here